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Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Best friends are a companion for life. Be it sharing every secret of life, enjoying every cherished moment of life or having fun together, a best friend is the only one a friend looks out for. Best friends are there for each other all throughout life, be it a joyous one or a sad moment. Best friends are there for each other both in joy and in pain. A birthday of a best friend is a grand occasion for celebration. Best friends celebrate birthdays together by hanging out and partying or having dinners together. One can also send the birthday wish through social networking sites by uploading a photograph of the best friend with lovely message or through a text message or a video message sent through the site.
Let us have a look at the sample of the birthday messages for best friend sent in different ways:

Funny Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Funny birthday wishes for best friend bring humor and laughter on the face of the best friend. One can send a picture of a funny character with the funny birthday message on it. Funny birthday wishes are mostly sent by best friends to one another on birthdays.
“on your sixteenth birthday, I wished to bring you a hunk as a present, but then you are too ‘small’ for it yet.”

Cute Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Cute birthday wishes are lovely and make the best friend feel good and happy. The cute birthday wishes can be sent with a cute picture for the best friend on a personalized card. One can also send cute birthday wishes with birthday notes and writings for the best friend on a jar which can be a unique gift in itself.
“you are the cutest and like you bring happiness on lives of others, may your birthday be brighter with love and joyous moments all the time.”

Sweet Birthday Messages for Best Friend

Sweet birthday wishes makes best friends feel loved and special. Best friends love sweet birthday wishes and messages and more so when sent by their best friends. The sweet birthday wishes can be sent through text messages or cards to the friends.
“like our friendship stays on my life stronger every day, may the birthday wishes from me be with you always and you be happy and joyful each day.”

Birthday Messages for Best Friend Boy

Best friends share a close bonding and a deep friendship to last forever. Send birthday messages for the best friend who is a boy and make him feel special. The wishes sent through texts would touch his heart and would express the care and love by the sender. One can also send gifts for the best friend boy along with the wishes.
“Dear best friend boy, I wish you a happy birthday through this text. I pray to the Lord to bless you with a healthy life and lots of happiness today and forever.”

Birthday Message for Best Friend Far Away

Best friends may be living in different places far away from each other, be it for studies, official work location or any other purpose. A best friend living far away can be wished through a text message or a video message sent through the social networking site or one can also send a card through post to the friend.
“Have a happy birthday my sweet best friend. Though I am not near you now to celebrate your birthday together, I send my love and good luck to you always through this special card for you.”

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