"माता पिता का हाथ पकड़ कर रखिये जिंदगी में कभीभी लोगो के पाव पकड़नेकी जरूरत नही पड़ेगी "

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Son

Funny Birthday Wishes for your Son

  1. I am still searching for a cake big enough to hold all your candles, son. But meanwhile, I wish you a ridiculously fabulous happy birthday, handsome.
  2. Now that you are demanding not to be treated like a toddler, I hope you know the responsibilities of adults around the house. Happy birthday.
  3. Today is your birthday son, and come what may, you shall support wildlife by having a super wild party.
  4. Son, as you celebrate your special day today, know that not even the strength of the combination of President Trump’s obsession with Russia and money can compare to the strength of my love for you! Happy birthday!
  5. Did you know that science keeps proving again and again that people who celebrate more birthdays live longer than those who don’t?! Happy birthday, dear son.
  6. Happy birthday, son. As you commemorate the day you came to this world, I can’t help but remember how when you were a child you hated being spanked and taking a nap. At this point I bet that is all you ever dream of. Have a great one.
  7. Wishing you a fabulous birthday, son. I can’t believe my sweet little son is rapidly getting closer and closer to enjoying senior citizen discount and deals. Son, so you see old age isn’t a bad idea when you look at it from another angle.

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