"माता पिता का हाथ पकड़ कर रखिये जिंदगी में कभीभी लोगो के पाव पकड़नेकी जरूरत नही पड़ेगी "

Happy Pongal 2020-2021: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, SMS, Facebook posts & Whatsapp status

Happy Pongal 2020-2021: Wishes, Messages, Quotes, Greetings, SMS, Facebook posts & Whatsapp status

Pongal is a popular harvest festival of South India, dedicated to the Sun God. Celebrated primarily in Tamil Nadu, the four days festival falls every year around mid-January. The festival marks the beginning of Uttarayan, which mean sun starts moving in the north from this day.

On this day people cook different foods and decorate their homes with rangolis. The word Pongal means “spilling over”. The festival had been named so because of the tradition of boiling rice and milk in the pot until it starts to overflow.
On this auspicious occasion of Pongal share the happiness of the festival with these meaningful quotes. Here are some wishes and messages you can share with your loved ones on Pongal 2019:

“May the sweetness of dry fruits, milk and jaggery bring the loveliest of wishes this season. Happy Pongal!”

“Rejoice in the charm of tradition and celebrations. Have a happy Pongal!”

“Thank you Lord; thank you, family and friends, your blessings and wishes count - Happy Pongal!”

“May God always bless you and your stocks never fall short. Have a happy Pongal”

“Wishing you a long and happy life, loving family and friends and may every dream of yours come true.”

“Wishing you and your family a very Happy Pongal. May the God you all with the best of health, wealth and prosperity.”

“May this festival fill your life with sweetness! May God bless you with peace, prosperity, and happiness in your life!”

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“May happiness overflow in your life this year, good luck enter your home and success touch your feet. Wishing you a very happy Pongal.”

“Wishing that this year's Pongal brings you everlasting peace and joy. May you get the gifts of good health and prosperity.”

“Happy Pongal to you! We thank the sun for burning himself to save us. We thank plants sacrificing their life for us. And we thank all the creatures helping us to live in this world for some time.”

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