"माता पिता का हाथ पकड़ कर रखिये जिंदगी में कभीभी लोगो के पाव पकड़नेकी जरूरत नही पड़ेगी "


 1. Usually excluded from all insurance policies exclude some risks, which can cause high damage. Exclusion limit the agreement to draft insurers and to make it vague and accurate. Generally, the exclusion is made for three different reasons: to exclude dangerous, which is inevitable; To see that these risks are covered separately in another policy; To cover these risks by separate support on the payment of additional premium. 

2. Indefinite hazards or war actions or warps or rebels and nuclear risks are usually excluded from all insurance because these damage is uncertain and it is often devastating in nature. Likewise, insurance companies excludes normal wear and tears, slowly and damage due to insects etc., because this is non-accidental and it is common damage. 

3. Some policies of the dangers to cover through different policies are specifically designed for risks, which are excluded from the coverage under the general insurance policy. This system helps separate insurance for personal risk and business risk. For example, the dangers arising from the use of individual vehicles for commercial purposes are excluded from individual automobile coverage. Have to get separate policies for two different risks. 

4. Coverage by support on additional premium specific risks, which are usually excluded from policies, on the request of the insurers, can be added to the general policy by endorsements. This support is usually carried out on a premium than the general policy premium. For example, for example, damage caused by earthquake is excluded from the general property insurance policy that is offered. And the insured can get coverage as support on the payment of additional premiums.

5. Exclude losses differ between most insurance policies direct losses and indirect losses; They are in danger, even though in danger is covered under the policy. Commercial property insurance usually covers the direct losses arising due to nearby reasons. If the artery chain of events caused by the parile is damaged, which is insured, it qualifies under “direct loss”. As such, in case of fire due to fire, the damage caused by fire fight, e.g. Make holes on the roof, making holes on the roof, it is also considered as direct losses. But due to the disruption of the business, the loss of income is considered as indirect damage. If making sure to cover indirect damage, then he must receive a separate policy for him.

 6. Property exclusion property insurance is insured to meet property damage. Property insurance policies are usually excluded from money, bills, manuscripts, functions, bulls, except that property insurance only covers integral parts of the property and exclude all its contents. For example, the automobile policies cover any damage to the vehicle, but the transport in the vehicle excludes the loss of any property (goods, etc.).

 7. Transfer property insurance policy contracts, usually, are clearly specified that the property is only available in the specified location in the specified location. Only a few insurers protect the worldwide policy. Some insurers offer partial coverage for certain properties, if it is beyond the boundaries of the specified location. The exception to the limit of the location is that when the property is moved to a safe place to protect the property. Removing is usually allowed for a limited time and coverage to remove is usually comprehensive with a few limitations. Incidental damage is also covered during transit. The courts also allow coverage for theft during the removal process, even though theft is excluded from the insurance policy. 

warranty is a statement by which a particular thing is not made or some condition will be completed, or it supports or denies the existence of specific state. Related to existing facts at the time of warranty contract or may be related to the future. It is given about something voluntarily or insurer’s example by the insurer who will determine the insurance insurability.

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