"माता पिता का हाथ पकड़ कर रखिये जिंदगी में कभीभी लोगो के पाव पकड़नेकी जरूरत नही पड़ेगी "

Why Your Online Privacy Matters In English

Why Your Online Privacy Matters In English

What is Online Privacy, why has it become so important in today’s time, after all what is the reason that Online Privacy needs to be protected. Today we are going to discuss this. We do not consider privacy very big. Most people have no problem with this. But we need to be cautious today. Today, we will give you many reasons why you would consider it important to be alert.

We Indians consider ourselves an open book. Yes there is no problem in this, but when your Secreat Pages are read by someone else, then it is necessary to think somewhere. When they know what you like, what they don’t, so many things like that, then things become much easier for them. Most of your data is used to know your mindset. And they use it to show ads and then sell the product. It is not limited to this, it can change your thoughts.

What Is Online Privacy In English?

Online Privacy is known by many names. Like Internet Privacy or Digital Privacy, it means that you can understand how personal your personal, financial information becomes when you are online.

Earlier this year, a Tenager girl bought some items that are not usually bought by a Tenager girl. Actually, it was a jury thing with children. Such as things like children’s lotion, soap and vitamins. You will be surprised to know that the company was able to guess that the Tenager girl was pregnant. And he used to send the same things on the mail to the Coupan Code, and Shishu. When these things started happening, her father found out that she was pregnant.

Why Your Online Privacy Matters In Hindi

There are many reasons behind this, which clearly shows how important online privacy has become in today’s time. Your phone, computer, laptop and Internet are always surrounded by these things and all your activity is being recorded. With these things, they get to know your patterns, your decision making ability, and many more things. After which they can easily guess what you are going to do. And you can make changes in your decision making things on its behalf. And you will never even know.

1. Control over you

In today’s time, we never share personal information from our jury with anyone, because you know, it can also be misused. But in today’s time, Online Privacy is just illusion. If someone has got your personal information on hand, they can easily affect your life. They can use your personal information to influence your decision.

2. ‘Data is the New Oil’?

You must have heard this sentence many times in the recent past, that the oil data of Digital Youg is going to be of today’s era. Just as oil (oil) from countries like Arabia proved to be a boon and they joined the most developed countries. In the same way, the more data they have, the more powerful they will be. And our neighbor China understands this very well.

3. Change your decision making ability

 Recently, it has been seen that the use of social media has increased a lot in Election. It was also alleged on Facebook that they are changing your Openion. Because of which Mark Zuckerberg also had to go to court. They suggest you a new post based on all the information from the jury. But many times this is done consciously so that your Openion can be changed. And when such things happen, there is a change in your Openion and you do not even know.

What can be done with your data?

 When your data reaches the big company, then they themselves do not know what they can do with that data, whose data it is. They keep selling your data to another company without your permission. And this process goes on like this. They Annalise your data and you see Targeted Ads. Understand your behavior Marketing according to that.

Apart from this, there are many reasons which can make Online Privacy a hot issue in the coming times. And in today’s time, it has become very important that you start thinking about your online privacy. It is very important that you become alert now.

How To Protect Online Privacy In English

Here we are going to share privacy and security tips with you, so that you can protect your privacy. There are many easy ways through which you can easily maintain your Online Privacy. You can read below how you can protect Online Privacy.

1. Setting DNT

DNT ie Do Not Track, you can enable it in your browser, it can be any browser like Chrome, Firefox, or any other browser. When you enable DNT setting, whenever you visit which site, then that browser is telling you not to be trucked.

2. Use another search engine

Google always trucks you. Even when you are in Incognito Mode, they can predict which user

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