"माता पिता का हाथ पकड़ कर रखिये जिंदगी में कभीभी लोगो के पाव पकड़नेकी जरूरत नही पड़ेगी "

Keshav Malhotra excited for "Nasha Chad Gaya"

Mumbai: Keshav Malhotra is a digital superstar who has a huge fan following on YouTube, Instagram etc. and is a big name among the youth. Most of his pictures on social media trend overnight on many pages, up to video. Keshav, famous in acting and singing, is excited for his new party song “Nasha Chad Gaya”.

In his journey to pursue his dreams, he unleashed the magic of his talent in songs. Keshav Malhotra says, “Acting and singing are my priority. I like being behind the camera and behind the mic. Entertaining people with quality content has been my passion ever since I can remember. I am very excited and awaiting the launch of my song. A lot of hard work has gone into making the song my first multilingual track.

The song has all the international flavor that you want in a song, I hope the audience likes it as much as we like making it. "

Actor, singer and digital superstar Keshav Malhotra’s next track “Nasha Chad Gaya” is full of everything flirty and party vibes.

Article By: Anil bedag

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