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Today's Top 10 Entertainment News

Top 10 Entertainment News on 15-03-2021 in Hindi: Today’s Top 10 Entertainment News | Hello friends, today is March 13, 2021 and we are going to tell you the top ten news stories in the field of entertainment, so please read to this end.

Top 10 Entertainment News on 15-03-2021 in Hindi Today's Top 10 Entertainment NewsTop 10 Entertainment News on 15-03-2021 in Hindi Today’s Top 10 Entertainment News


#१ – Aamir Khan and Elli Avram’s new song “Har Fun Mola” has become a super hit, so far this song has been watched by more than 37 lakh people. The song was published on T-Series official YouTube channel on March 10, 2021. The song has been penned by Amitabh Bhattacharya while Tanishq Bagchi has given music in it.

# 2 – The official look of Amitabh Bachchan’s new movie “Face” has arrived. The film is psychodynamic. Its trailer will be released on March 18 while the movie will be released in theaters on April 9.

# 3 – Bollywood actor Ayushman Khurana’s wife, who is 20 years old, wrote about the melting day, said – Haters may find it a bit strange, but I am on the other side of the spectrum. I am thirsty for just and only love with no hope and expectations.

# 7 – The viewers’ favorite serial “Pratigya” is now coming with a second part. This serial will air on Star Bharat from today at 8:30 pm. Many promos have also come to this stage.

# 5 – Akshay Kumar is considering vacation with his wife and daughter in Maldives nowadays. He has also shared a video in which he is sitting and sliding on a fish tube, this funny video you can see on Instagram.

# 7 – Akshay Kumar will go to Ayodhya on March 18 for the shooting of his next film. The name of this film will be Ram Sethu. Most of the shooting of this film will be in Mumbai city.

# 7 – Ali Goni and Jasmine Bhasin’s new song “Tera Suit” came into trend as soon as it was released. The writer of this song, Tony Kakkar, has also shown the color of Holi in it. This song is very much liked by Dursko.

# 4 – After coming out from big boss 14, now Sonali Phogat has become a fitness princess. Soon, she has shared a video on Instagram in which she is sweating in the gym.

# 9 – The winners of the 63rd Grammy Awards have been announced. Beyonce has made history in this, it was to be held on 31 January but it was organized on 14 March due to the corona virus.

# 10 – Actress Monalisa has again mad her fan with tremendous dance moves, people are watching this video again and again.

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