After the panchayat, now the BJP has established its dominance in the block chief elections as well. The BJP has claimed victory in 648 out of 825 seats in the elections that concluded on Saturday amid ruckus, sabotage and violence. Of these, 334 were already elected unopposed. Voting for 476 posts was held on Saturday. The SP has claimed to win more than 100 seats. Independents have also captured more than 70 seats.

Earlier, there was ruckus, sabotage and firing in many districts, in which a dozen people were injured. The police had to use force and tear gas shells to control the situation. SP City in Etawah was slapped by BJP. At the same time, in Unnao, the journalist was beaten up by the CDO. In Achhalda block of Auraiya, the SDM slapped the employee alleging negligence. In Kanpur countryside, 50 rounds of bullets were fired between two parties standing in the election field. At the same time, alleging fake voting in Pratapgarh, the spies ran the police. In Barabanki, the BJP workers clashed with each other.

Victory of Yogi government's policies and schemes: ModiPrime Minister Narendra Modi said that the victory of BJP in the election of Kshetra Panchayat President is a victory of Yogi government's policies and schemes for public interest. PM Modi tweeted on Saturday evening that BJP has raised its flag even in the block chief elections in Uttar Pradesh. The people have benefited from the policies and schemes of public interest of the Yogi Adityanath government, which has been reflected in the party's massive victory. The workers have also been congratulated on the victory of BJP in the election of Kshetra Panchayat President.

Etawah: Fierce clash between Police-BJPThere was a fierce clash between the police and the BJP workers in Badhpura block amid allegations of not allowing them to vote. The police first fired tear gas shells, then fired in the air. Meanwhile, a BJP man slapped SP City Prashant Kumar. However, the SSP said that there was a scuffle. The accused will be identified by watching the video and action will be taken against them. A video of a police officer here has also gone viral in which he is telling someone on the phone that BJP MLA and district president had brought bombs and sticks and beat up the police.

Unnao: CDO got furious if the crowd did not stopCDO Divyanshu Patel has been accused of thrashing a journalist who had gone for coverage in Unnao's Miyaganj block. It is alleged that while dispersing the crowd with sticks, he ran and beat the journalist. Angry media personnel sat on a dharna in front of the block office on Lucknow-Bangaramau road. The DM and SP tried to persuade, but the media persons were adamant on filing a report on the CDO and suspension.

Kanpur Dehat: Dispute with MLA side, firing 50 roundsThe BJP had not declared a candidate in Sarwankheda of Kanpur countryside. There, Urvashi Singh, wife of Atul Chandel associated with BJP and Maya Trivedi, sister-in-law of Kidwainagar Kanpur MLA Mahesh Trivedi, was in the fray. About 50 rounds of firing took place between the two sides in the dispute over voting there. The windows of more than twenty vehicles were broken.

Hathras: Vandalism in many vehicles including roadways busesWhen the votes of SP and BJP supported candidates got equal in Sikandrau, there was stone pelting and firing. The miscreants also vandalized fiercely. Several vehicles including roadways buses were vandalized. During this many people were injured in stone pelting and firing.

Pratapgarh: Ruckus over fake voting in cabinet minister's areaIn Aspur Devsara block of Patti, the assembly constituency of Cabinet Minister Rajendra Pratap Singh 'Moti Singh', the SPs ran the police, alleging fake voting. Stones were pelted at the police. The police had to fire in the air to control the situation. Tear gas shells had to be fired.

Barabanki: BJPmen clashed with each otherIn Trivediganj block of Barabanki, there was a fierce ruckus between BJP block chief candidate and former BJP leader and vehicles were vandalized. Being BJP from both the sides, the police appeared to be in a dilemma in taking action.

Sitapur: Weapons, sticks and explosives found from the carIn the first block area of ​​Sitapur, the police foiled a big conspiracy. Arms, sticks and inflammable substances were recovered from the vehicle of supporters of BJP candidate here. The police has arrested a youth.

BJP at 7 in LucknowThe BJP has won seven out of eight seats in the capital Lucknow. One seat has gone to the independents. SP's account was not even opened for the first time here.

Clean sweep in 14 districtsBJP has won elections in all the area panchayats of Lucknow, Varanasi, Ghaziabad, Agra, Badaun, Shahjahanpur, Shravasti, Gautam Budh Nagar, Pilibhit, Kannauj, Banda, Mahoba, Lalitpur, Sonbhadra districts.

Clean sweep in 14 districtsBJP has won elections in all the area panchayats of Lucknow, Varanasi, Ghaziabad, Agra, Badaun, Shahjahanpur, Shravasti, Gautam Budh Nagar, Pilibhit, Kannauj, Banda, Mahoba, Lalitpur, Sonbhadra districts.

The condition of the giants…– SP supported Babita Singh, wife of Mahesh Singh, younger brother of former minister Pandit Singh, won in Rupidah of Gonda.In Rae Bareli, Vaishali Singh, mother of Sadar MLA Aditi Singh and wife of late former MLA Akhilesh Singh, won from Amavan block.In Harchandpur, MLC Dinesh Singh's son Piyush Pratap Singh was elected block chief.Former MLC Rakesh Pratap Singh's son, BJP candidate Hanumant Singh won from Shivgarh block by lottery.

This is also amazing… BJP candidate didn't even get his own vote.In Bhetua block of Amethi, former minister Ashish Shukla's son Akarsh won, but his victory was more talked about by the defeat of BJP candidate Sachendra Pratap Singh. Sachendra did not get a single vote. That too when he himself took part in the voting. That is, he did not even get his own vote.

9 out of 14 block chiefs of Apna Dal wonOut of 14 contesting elections with the support of Apna Dal (S), 9 candidates have won the post of Block Pramukh. National President of the party and Union Minister of State for Commerce and Industry Anupriya Patel and Working President Ashish Patel have congratulated all the newly elected block heads. This information has been given by party spokesperson Rajesh Srivastava. Let us inform that on the basis of the agreement reached with BJP, 14 blocks came in the share of Apna Dal (S). Out of these 9 block chiefs have won. These include Mayorpur and Babhani (Sonbhadra), Patehra Kalan (Mirzapur), Araji Lines and Baragaon (Varanasi), Saidabad (Prayagraj), Amauli and Devmai (Fatehpur) and Badpur (Siddharthnagar).

SP claims to have won more than 100 block chiefsThe Samajwadi Party has claimed to have won more than 100 block chiefs. The party says that most of the winners of independent elections are SP supporters. The SP alleges that in most places, SP supported BDC members were not even allowed to take part in the voting. After the defeat in the district panchayat, the SP was apprehensive about the block chief election. This is the reason why memorandums were continuously given to the Election Commission. Since morning on Saturday, senior party leaders were keeping an eye on the district-wise situation. During this, the district presidents of many districts kept giving information about stopping voting, fighting. Sometimes the senior party leaders kept apprising the senior officials of the district about the situation and sometimes they kept encouraging the party leaders. In the districts where party leaders were injured in the fight, they also kept on taking them. SP spokesperson Rajendra Chaudhary said that BJP has misused power. Party-backed BDC, block chief candidates were abducted and placed under house arrest.

In the election of Kshetra Panchayat President, BJP has played a dunk from west to east. Despite not officially fielding candidates in most places in the election of Kshetra Panchayat member, BJP has proved by winning 648 seats by contesting for the post of President in 735 Kshetra Panchayats, has proved that it is no longer limited to cities only but to villages. The party has made inroads. After the District Panchayat President, the BJP's one-sided lead in the election of Kshetra Panchayat President has infused energy in the party for the 2022 assembly elections, while all the allegations and claims of opposition parties have been thrown out.

The SP-RLD alliance is most effective in the West and Braj region of the state. At the same time, the peasant movement against the agricultural laws was also limited to the districts of West and Braj. The election of the President of the Kshetra Panchayat is considered more grounded than the election of the President of the District Panchayat. In this election also BJP has performed better than expected in West and Braj. Out of 109 blocks in the West, BJP has won elections in 85 blocks. At the same time, in Braj too, in 112 out of 129 blocks, BJP candidates have been elected as block chiefs. By registering victory in 136 out of 173 blocks, the BJP has maintained its dominance in Awadh as well. The party's winning streak continued in the Kanpur-Bundelkhand region, winning 90 out of 110 seats here. The party also won 109 out of 157 seats in the Kashi region, which is dominated by other smaller parties and Bahubali leaders, including the Subhaspa. On the other hand, in Gorakhpur region, it has maintained its influence by winning 116 seats out of 147.

SP's performance was also betterThe performance of SP has been better in Kshetra Panchayat President election as compared to District Panchayat President election. On the other hand, SP has won the maximum number of 24 seats in Awadh. It has won 21 seats in Kashi region, 18 in Gorakhpur region, 12 in Kanpur-Bundelkhand, 9 in Braj and 8 in West region. However, RLD, an ally of SP in Awadh, has also won some seats.

command of youthThe BJP commanded the election of District Panchayat and Kshetra Panchayat President in the hands of the youth. Amarpal Maurya, General Secretary in Awadh region, Subrata Pathak, MP and General Secretary of Kannauj in Kashi region, Priyanka Rawat, General Secretary and former MP in Kanpur-Bundelkhand region, Anoop Gupta, General Secretary in Gorakhpur region, Ashwini Tyagi in Braj. At the same time, with the West Zone, the command of the entire election was with the State General Secretary JPS Rathore.

Note- These figures are released by BJP.Area District Block BJP SP OtherWest – 14 – 109 – 85 – 8 – 16 Braj – 12 – 129 – 112 – 9 – 8Kanpur-Bundelkhand – 14 – 110 – 90 – 12 – 5Awadh – 13 – 173 – 136 – 24 – 13Kashi – 12 -157 – 109 – 21 – 27Gorakhpur – 10 – 147 – 116 – 18 – 13Sum – 75 – 825 – 648 – 92 – 85

Total Area Panchayat – 826Election held – 825unopposed election – 349BJP's elected unopposed block chief – 334Elected block chiefs of other parties including SP – 15Polling held on Saturday – 476BJP got victory – 314

District BJP SP OthersLucknow 07 00 01 barabanki 09 04 02 Bahraich 12 00 02 Balrampur 08 00 01 gonda 14 01 00 Rae Bareli 11 02 05 Amethi 05 02 06 Ayodhya 09 01 01 Sitapur 15 03 01Shravasti 05 00 00ambedkarnagar 04 02 03 Sultanpur 11 01 02 Agra 15 00 00 Mathura 04 00 06Firozabad 04 00 02Mainpuri 06 01 02eta 01 02 00Kasganj 05 01 01Prayagraj 10 10 03Pratapgarh 07 00 10Kaushambi 02 02 04Bareilly 11 03 01Lakhimpur Kheri 11 03 01Shahjahanpur 05 00 00Badaun 15 04 00Pili 03 00G 00gautam budh nagar 04 00 00Gorakhpur 18 00 02Siddharthnagar 10 02 02santkabirnagar 06 01 02Basti 12 01 01Deoria 12 02 02Maharajganj 10 01 01 Kushinagar 12 02 00Aligarh 10 00 02Hathras 03 01 03Jhansi 03 01 02 Lalitpur 00 F Kanpur 00 06 Dehat 02 Lalitpur 00 06 01 00Banda 08 00 00Chitrakoot 05 00 00Hamirpur 06 01 00Mahoba 04 00 00Jalaun 06 00 03Etawah 01 04 03Auraiya 05 01 01Kannauj 08 00 00Farrukhabad 05 00 02Hardoi 15 01 03Unnao 08 03 05Meerut 11 00 03Baghpat 11 00 03Baghabad Shamli 04 00 01bijnor 10 00 01Muzaffarnagar 07 01 01Saharanpur 08 00 03Moradabad 06 01 01Rampur 05 00 01Amroha 03 02 01Steady 04 03 01Varanasi 06 00 02Ballia 08 04 05mau 05 01 03Ghazipur 11 02 00 0A 00 03Chandauli 08 01 00

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