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Mumbai. Star Plus in association with Kisago Telefilms, run by writer and producer Jama Habib, comes up with a new offering for its viewers. The name of this show is ‘Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’ which will soon connect the audience with a new ray of hope in life. Set in Delhi, the show also features several other veteran actors. At the same time, the beautiful actress Esha Kansara is playing the lead role in the show and will be accompanied by the handsome Hassan Zaidi in the male lead. The show will present the life journey of two individuals who are very different from each other and have a different approach towards life. Their chemistry on-screen looks very smooth. Esha Kansara Actress has contributed a lot to the TV world as well as Gujarati cinema with her acting. She has left a strong mark on both the screens with her acting skills. In this show, she is playing the character of Amrita who is very real, so that the audience will be able to connect with herself easily. In an exclusive conversation with actress Isha Kansara, he threw light on many important things.

Question: Please tell us something about your upcoming show on Star Plus? Answer: ‘Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’ is a story about people, their feelings and interpersonal relationships in a family. Which we face day to day. It is a show full of positivity and lots of love where each member who enters the Sukhija family comes with a different point of view, but still that person is welcomed with open arms. We make sure that even a stranger who comes into the house makes our home feel like their home.

Question: What new things did you discover about yourself as an artist while working on this show? Answer: I (Esha Kansara Actress) never knew that I would have so many feelings about love, being pregnant and being mature. I am always a happy person and go with the flow of time but Amrita is a very mature, calm (pause) woman and she has all the qualities of a sociable person. While doing this character, I realized that I love my work even more. Acting for this, I have discovered new feelings in myself.

Question: Tell us something about your character in the show ‘Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’? Answer: Amrita is one of the most sought after female/bahu for Indian television. In my real life I (Esha Kansara Actress) will definitely try to be like her, but it is tough. Since Amrita is always optimistic about everything that comes her way. She has only one way forward, she finds solutions to every difficulty she and her family face with a smile on her face and sometimes even accepts and adjusts to the situation. There is never a dull moment for her when she is with family, but she is completely calm when she is alone.

Question: Did you take inspiration from anyone for this role? Answer: No, I (Esha Kansara Actress) usually don’t take any inspiration for any of my roles. Every person/character is different and I believe that taking inspiration somewhere leads to imitation. So I just do what my heart tells me. I put myself in that character’s place and have tried my best to act as natural and human as possible.

Question: What makes this show different from other shows? Answer: Overall Indian television is about emotions and the story being not so technical, the show is based only on the feelings of the family members. It will expose the audience to some harsh realities that we always face in a joint family and you always want to say them in your real life but hold yourself back from doing so. ‘Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’ will give every person a positive aspect to live their life and see it. Especially women!

Question: What is your agenda for the remaining half of 2021? Answer: Just focus on Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana, and make each day count because I love my job and my character in it and I will try my best to make this show the best I can in my life. Looking for more healthy and happy rest of 2021.

Question: How are you keeping yourself fit these days? Answer: Shooting a daily soap may be hectic, but there is no other way to stay healthy and maintain work-life balance while working out. So I wake up early, finish my morning routine and go for half an hour run or do my online exercise to start my day with a bang both mentally and physically. I always take home cooked food everyday on the sets so that my eating habits are under control. Whenever I get free time on the set, I walk here and keep track of my step count.

Question: Did you face any challenge while playing this role? Answer: Yes, as can be seen in the promo, I am pregnant (Esha Kansara Actress), so being pregnant on screen gives you a lot of opportunities to explore the maternal side of your nature. The feelings of a pregnant woman are different from that of a normal woman. My age and at this stage in my career in my life it has always been hard to think about settling down or having a baby. So it was a bit difficult initially to think from Amrita’s point of view, but now I feel I have adapted it with the help of Jama sir and Raheb sir who are my producers and directors.

Question: Tell us something about the bond you shared with your co-star Hassan?Answer: We right clicked on the first day on the set. We shared many things like our health, routine, exercise, good habits, creating our own makeup room etc. And the moment we shot our first scene, where we could be in the same frame. Not only, yet they are connected by complementing each other. He is a fun and experienced actor so I am looking forward to shoot some more intense scenes with him.

Question: Have you always wanted to be an actress? Answer: My (Esha Kansara Actress) after 10th class. Yes, my mother always loved watching TV shows and she didn’t let me watch TV at all till I had my board exams. But later, while doing theater in school, I realized that I wanted to act for TV. I didn’t know much about the medium of acting, but since I wanted to impress my mother, I went ahead with the search for auditions for TV.

Question: What do you see yourself doing next? Answer: I really want to try for web shows someday. I love working for longer format shows and seasons. It connects me more to a character that I want to complete. Also, I want to do off-beat films which are more content oriented so that I can see my best version as an actress.

Question: Do you believe in Bhagya as this show inspires the viewers to believe in Bhagya? Answer: Yes I do But I see it as a hope for the future and not a flaw. If something good happens then it is your hard work plus destiny and if something bad happens even after giving your 100% then I believe that whatever happens it is for good also I believe in karma more than luck I am Do everything with your intention and luck will follow you too.

Question: How does it feel to shoot for your show amidst this new normal? Answer: Everything is changed. The way we meet each other, the way we shoot, the way we spend time with each other on sets. We no longer greet each other with a hug, but just say Namaste. Lunch and dinner take place with the entire team on the sets only when there is a chance. Do not eat food while sitting with each other. We basically maintain social distancing and touch each other only when doing a scene or when it is required.

Question: How did you spend your time during the lockdown? What inspired you? Answer: The first lockdown in 2020 was a life changing experience in a very positive way as I got to spend 3 months with my family in Ahmedabad, which often doesn’t happen. In the second lockdown I was alone and even though I have always been alone, this time I was feeling a little different as I myself was covid positive and had to do everything by myself. But luckily I have very nice people around me to take care of. Who helped me in my recovery and now I am back with ‘Zindagi Mere Ghar Aana’ in good health and positive mood. I am the biggest believer of the power of positive mindset. Looking at life with an optimistic outlook is not always the easiest thing for everyone, but we can try to stay positive and motivated through various activities. Throughout this phase of lockdown, I have been maintained by a motto which is to have a positive attitude towards life.

Question: Have you shot any outdoor scenes for your show? Answer: off course not. We are shooting only indoor and the makers have made all the outdoor set ups in the studio itself which is commendable. That’s why we don’t need to go out and at the same time, full care is taken of Kovid cleanliness with full capacity.

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