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Mumbai. Bollywood actor Mohit Malik is often seen spending quality time with his son. He has continuously shared many pictures since the birth of the son. One such picture has now been shared by Mohit Malik on his Instagram account. In this picture, he can be seen hiding his son in his outfit. Along with this, he has written the caption that, ‘I wish to hold you like this for the rest of my life.’

Who’s mine, what’s mine?Born on the day of Hanuman Jayanti, Mohit Malik has named his son Ekbir. Which he called brave. Earlier on June 20, he shared a video. In which he is first seen drinking coffee, after which he is seen caressing his son. At the same time, in the caption of this video, Mohit Malik has written that, ‘Rehmat ho, the one on whom that pir is built, looks like the same after seeing you Ekbir.’ Earlier on June 14, he is seen with his son in a shirtless picture. In whose caption he wrote, ‘Who’s mine, my kya tu lage, kyun tu baadhe, mind se dhaage bas chale na kyun mera tera next kyun mera, mera kya tu lagege.’

it seems nothing less than magicEarlier in April, sharing a picture on the Instagram account on the birth of a son, wrote, ‘Dear universe, thank you for your blessings. Thank you so much for bringing our son into our lives. Now she is here and it seems nothing less than magic. We went from two to three. Baby Malik’s parents Mohit and Aditi.

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